Scope Appraisal

buy propranolol online canada Scope appraisal generally relates to disputes about what is damaged and to what extent. It also may address methods of repair, matching issues, and other non-coverage related issues.

Price Appraisal

Price appraisal generally relates to situations where the dollar amounts assigned to damages are in dispute. It is possible to encounter an appraisal for both scope of work and price at the same time.
An appraisal is not the proper forum for "Coverage related issues"


How Much Will This Cost?

If the appraisal process of dispute resolution were free there would be great risk of it being abused. This would benefit nobody as there would be no incentive to resolve claims quickly and fairly other than the desire to do the right thing..
In the appraisal process, each party is responsible for the cost of their own appraiser. The cost of the umpire is then split between the two parties.
Our appraisal fee is generally able to be provided as a flat rate to help you know what your actual cost will be.
The cost of an umpire is usually controlled in the same way.
This may vary on larger, more involved cases or those involving considerable travel or complexity of scope.
In some cases, engineers and other professionals may be employed.
As a general rule, the cost of an appraisal including the cost of appraiser and the umpire is going to be in the neighborhood of $1500-$2000 for each party involved.
Payment to both the appraiser and the umpire should be expected to be required prior to the date of the field appraisal.

***Appraisals that are more complex, involve dispute amounts exceeding $50k, or have legal representation involved are more costly.

What is an appraisal?
(and what it isn't)


forward neurontin price WHAT IT IS~

When a claimant and an Insurance Company have a dispute arising from an insurance claim (other than questions of coverage) and they are unable to come to an agreement through the common processes involved with claim handling, the insured may choose to invoke an appraisal provision within their insurance policy.
The existence of this provision is very important as it provides a means to address what may be perceived to be an unfair, incorrect,  or improper conclusion to an insurance claim.

The appraisal provision is intended to give both parties an opportunity to select industry professionals (generally people well versed in both construction and insurance claims knowledge) to impartially represent their case. These industry professionals select a qualified umpire as a tie-breaker and an appraisal meeting is set. The three members of the appraisal party then get together and review the parts of the insurance claim that are in dispute. The two appraisers attempt to reach an agreement to resolve the disputed portion of the claim.

If the appraisers are unable to come to agreement the umpire is the tie breaker.
An award is then calculated by the umpire and the award document is presented to both appraisers for delivery to their clients.

The decision of the appraisal process is a binding agreement on both the insured/claimant and the Insurance Company.

specify WHAT IT ISN'T~

The appraisal process is not a "Fishing expedition".
At the outset of the appraisal, the disputed items are identified and those items are the only issues that are considered. The appraiser for the insured/claimant presents the disputed items and the appraiser for the Insurance Company agrees or disagrees. The umpire breaks any ties.

comfort sinemet costo The appraisal process is not a forum in which coverage is interpreted. Coverage and policy interpretation are disputes that are addressed by legal professionals. The appraisal process is established for resolution of scope, damage identification, and price related disputes.

The appraisal process is not intended to be an adversarial meeting. Two industry professionals review a list of disputed items and discuss the solutions utilizing their expert judgement. If an agreement is not able to be arrived at, the umpire weighs in and breaks the tie. The award is then calculated and the dispute is settled. The result of the appraisal is binding on both parties.
There is not intended to be any room for conflict in this process. In short,
The appraisal process is not a place where either the insured/claimant or the Insurance Company can force their will or unreasonable desire on the other party.
There are two impartial appraisers and an umpire to ensure that what is awarded is what is fair and customary in relation to the disputed items involved


Next Steps...

If you have initiated the appraisal process and would like to retain our services as your appraiser please contact us.